HG Series Portable Gem Raman

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Raman instrument is a high-tech product for nondestructive characterizations of materials at the molecular level based on laser spectroscopy. The HG series of Sunlin is designed for jewelry inspection.
Smart phone control - it can connect to smart phone, pad, TV, touch-panel, PC, wired or wireless.
Intelligence auto inspection program, data accumulation from tests/clouds, continuous machine learning for algorithm improving.
Appearance - elegant and portable in one unit.
Price - extremely competitive.


Real or fake diamonds
Recent developments in gem cutting, polishing, and coating have made it more and more difficult to distinguish real diamonds from the fake ones by naked eyes. A diamond-like shining stone could be cubic zirconia, moissanite, corundum, topaz, quartz, spinel, YAG, or even glass


Even though the color and shape could be disguised,the chemical composition of the material is not changed. With Sunlin Raman in hand, one can easily pick up the real diamonds from the fake ones in seconds by probing the fingerprint of 1332 cm-1.


Natural and synthetic diamonds
In terms of chemical composition, synthetic diamonds either HPHT or CVD, are exactly the same as natural diamonds. However the variations in fluorescence at ~637nm and ~737nm, arising from the impurities and defects of different structures, can tell the truth. With Sunlin Raman in hand plus some patience in mind, one can savor these subtle differences.



Database of jade
According to an old and well-known Chinese proverb,gold is valuable, jade is priceless. That is, unlike the 4C standard for diamond evaluation, to determine the value of a jade stone is more complex and subjective.
It is always questionable whether machine can have a better understanding on jade than human being does.
With Sunlin Raman in hand, we stay foolish and hungry, constructing the database of jade from day to day quietly. As there is data there, we know:
• 532 Raman has a certain advantage in probing jade
with strong fluorescence.
• The organic wax retained in ancient jade is much
different from the polymer resin filler of B-jadeite.
• Jadeite and nephrite at the same colors can be
distinguished without destructive hardness tests.

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satish shah:
20/01/2018, 02:25:23 AM

Kindly send technical details of the HG poratble raman series , can it seperate the CVD- HPHT and diamonds types I & II.

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