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Diamond Testers
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Presidium DiamondMate-A

The Presidium DiamondMate-A is a thermal conductivity tester that separates all known simulants (except moissanite*) from diamonds. The test results a..

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Presidium Moissanite Tester PMT

  The Presidium Moissanite Tester uses an electrical conductivity test to positively identify moissanite. When this tester touches moissanite, a..

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Presidium Multi Tester

The Presidium Mulit Tester III has been developed to distinguish between diamonds and moissanite using the combined principles of Thermal and Electric..

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Presidium Adamas Diamond and Moissanite Tester

The Presidium Adamas distinguishes diamonds from moissanite,CZ and other impostors and is the first tester in the workd to feature replaceable probe t..

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Gemoro Diamond Moissanite Talking Tester

Ultimate tester for diamond fraud protection with new enhanced moissanite testing technology for low conductivity stones. This tester has a sleek erg..

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SELECTOR /// Diamond Tester

This product is used to distinguish diamond and zirconite with acoustic signal and screen indication. Power: 2*AAA batteries Details : Culti D..

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SL® Diamond Tester II

Easy to use even for a new beginner Emit audible sounds to give accurate reading Diamond indicator will be showed if the stone is a REAL diamond Powe..

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Presidium CVD测试仪

      快速测试采用高温高压处理的HPHT 或化学气相沉积法合成钻石(CVD)。 可筛选0.1-10克拉的钻石,支持裸石 以及成品裸石饰品样本的测试。 可筛选钻石颜色范围:D到J 可筛选钻石大小范围:0.1到10克拉 ..

$622.00 Ex Tax: $622.00

SmartPro Screen 1 CVD Tester In Stock

SmartPro Screen 1 CVD Tester

THE CVD / HPHT / TYPE IIa,IIb / SYNTHETIC COLORLESS DIAMOND TESTER The smartest & fastest diamond tester in the world that designed for smart tes..

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Gemlogis TAUPE CVD Tester

A compact, convenient tester to determine if a diamond is earth mined (natural), HPHT treated or lab created (CVD). Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) ..

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